Evolve, Engage, Change - three strands that guide the studio's design approach.
Curation of projects by studio24 architects are guided by three architectural strands that unite the design decisions we make with clients, making each project unique to its context.

The purpose behind our thinking is to make the spaces, buildings and places we design tread more lightly on the planet, be less energy demanding and reduce the reliance on carbon hungry materials and processes. Our aim is to evolve the idea of sustainability in architecture, to have a future pragmatic response towards designing and building in our built environment.


'Life is lived forward, but we make sense of it backwards.' Soren Kierkegaard

Design ideas for a site or project often stem from an understanding of place and or context and therefore, our process draws upon the knowledge of a site, how it's evolved, and whether it's past use might influence the future need. Ours is not a literal translation or narrative, but an understanding of past physical characteristics or climatic influences that help determine an informed response.


We believe in the co-creation of ideas through collaboration, learnt knowledge, and understanding peoples' needs and aspirations.

Through our engagement with clients, users, interest groups, suppliers, manufacturers and constructors, the studio look to gain a greater understanding to the way we create, make and enjoy buildings and the spaces around them, in order to make positive local connections with our architecture.

For us, design is an iterative process and good design requires questions being asked of it, before it can mature. Our design approach often reveals key aspects that can enhance a small space, discover new alternatives or simply make projects a reality and lead us to envision new, contemporary design solutions.


Positively enhancing peoples' lives, through architecture, to achieve a low energy, low carbon future, requires change.

The way we make buildings, choose their materials and consider the likely energy expended to manifest them is a focus of our design approach. The built environment is currently responsible for 41% of global energy consumption*.

The studio aim is to take a proactive reduction-led approach to energy consumption through design that requires a different type of thought process to help reduce energy demands and carbon release. Set within a wider context of constructive and technological influences, population trends, cultural flows, social, as well as, economic interactions; the benefits of accepting change become clear.

We believe that by embracing and encouraging positive change towards a low energy, low carbon future, we can make buildings that have a complimentary design quality for modern living, while also possessing an individual and diverse character.

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